Everyone can join to make the art, Tanzaku of Tanabata.

Colourful Tanzaku
wish your wish

You can study about Tanabata festival below.
Tanabata wiki

So for the Tanabata, we will prepare Tanzaku to write your wish(must be one. when you wish two ,then you'll be hit!) and decorate our space with many your wishes.
And also you could see beautiful milky way galaxy.
The galaxy separated stars, Hikoboshi(Altir) and Orihime(Vega), and they have to leave each other but at Tanabata.
They come to meet only once a year, how do you fell about it?
Anyway, we will be waiting for your unique wishes.

Maso tanzaku
everyone wants


Sometimes someone wants to be played.
But we are a bar, not a club.
So many differences between bar and club.
Even the way tying is different.
We tie and limit your movements totally but hands and a mouth to drink.

Drinking Maso
Luxurious restriction

We hope everyone to know knowing fetishisms with fun and joy


Do you know Kakigori?
It's a traditional Japanese dessret, especialy in summer.
Crushed ice with syrup.
It makes you feel cool and Japanese Summer.
We've got a cruel machine to make it.
The machine destroys a big ice with an awful sound.
And even the shape is awful like an Ironmaden.

The destructive machine with Rena
Rena with an Ironmaden

You can feel cooler than ever you've felt in this Summer in Amarcord.